World of Twilight, Gallery

I’ve begun adding on the site various alternate projects. One of the projects I enjoyed a lot and have been proud to add in some concept art has been the Michael Thorpe’sĀ  World of Twilight.

The following is a gallery of art I drew up when inspired by the work of Michael Thorpe the creator.

Some of the miniatures I’ve worked on but yet to finish the basing:


This led to some great collaborations such as the Casanii Scout, painted by Joek:

During the recent 2016 Casanii Kickstarter, I was in a better position to support the second effort over the first great Twilight kickstarter. In addition I entered the design a character comp with the On’Saa, a desert messenger who stops at nothing to deliver messages great distances in the arid regions of the world of Anyaral. Michael Thorpe recently finished sculpting the model:

I was working on a project to build a diorama of the Market Scene artwork below:


Mike sent me a collection over very cool extras for scenery and civilian figures over a year back, helping me complete a project I intend to get back onto and finish this year.


Thanks for reading šŸ™‚



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