Wolf Riders, Fast Attack Hack

Got some feedback from you guys on and offline, thank you.

I’d especially like to thank Timothy Williamson, who commented with a view to making them more predatory. Which meant more putty work which meant.. gosh darnit’ I’ve got to revisit them because he made a Great Point(tm)

Naturally I turned to Photoshop.


Okay, lined up.. this looks like it may work..


Yup.. this has serious merit.

Well – I happen to have five of these Fenrisian Wolves, rejects from my first foray into trying to do these wolf riders.

Fast Attack Converting!


Timothy – thank you. Without your comment pushing me that bit further, I would have been content finishing these guys and being done with it.

Now I have the beginnings of real Wolf Riders on less massively sized mounts.


You can see the spinal fur I kept – this little touch brings enough detail to the rear legs that I think with minimal touch up is needed to bring across the hide elements when I add a few more hair tufts about the collar to blend everything.



Just awaiting an eBay shipment for the rest 🙂

This is why blogging is great – you gets feedback and it pushes you further than you felt safe with. Cheers!

Man, good thing I like converting or some folks might think me insane. 😉

Cheers gang!


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