Warhammer update, various goodies

It has been a quiet week on Eastern Empire.

But no longer! Meet Ser Esmunde Cahgo, Knight of the Order of Lettuce and Pilgrim of the Silver Path. Seen here inexorably closing with his foe. Any moment now carnage will ensue. We are but mere hours from mayhem and murder foul.

Also, the young Knight-Errant Jean nears his first quests! He and his companion, the dwarf ranger, Gimnir, quietly navigate the ruins at night. Careful not to alert the unsuspecting raiders they’ve been tracking from the pass.

Jean and Gimnir finally seek out the raiders, bartering like upset weasel dogs. “Now that big one, we need to know who he is..” said Gimnir quietly. Stroking his beard braids while observing overtop the ruin wall. Next to him Jean nodded carefully then suddenly pushed the dwarf back. A bored sentry idly began to gaze their way..

More to come as I catch up with my painting over the last few days 😀

Thanks for reading, as always 🙂




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