Warhammer T-Shirt

So, that escalated quickly.

I was supporting @mr_whateley on twitter, in choosing flavor over game ready warband for Age of Sigmar by example. So I tweeted:

“Man, my infantry goblin warband is ridiculously sub optimal, totally flavour driven and led by an arsonist. It defeated bezerkers, a chaos lord, took down a Khorgorath and burned an outhouse to the ground. Dice gods favour cool factor. Science!”

My tweet required edification on a shirt apparently according to @mr_whateley – I said I’d buy the first one.

Unfortunately I’m a graphics guy, and impatient, so I plagiarized the idea and may or may not have used a waifish model for cheap comedic value.

Skaggs the Chief Arsonist is currently blowing up Twitter..or well, burning it down:


Sadly, this shirt won’t be on sale; was good fun putting it together though!.



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