Warhammer Quest, Upcoming Tile sets

This year I aim to refocus on Warhammer Quest and my tile art to support the campaign I’ll be starting up -finally-.

The following a sample artwork giving you an idea of the styling and details to be added to the sets.

The Ice Caverns set has had the core art for the floors completed, only a few repetition of art to be retouched – I’m busily making all the details art for various rooms.

WHQ_Ice(samples)Closest to completion is the revised Khemri set, based on artwork from Dragon Magazine and Warhammer Online with further art of my own. I have included images that show all sorts of details and trims I’m adding to individual rooms and corridors. The following is basically composition of a third of the new art being added and definitely not a finished tile! 😀

whqst_desert_4x4_roomsBelow is the“Cave In” tile mixed with wall trims and sand covered stairway.

Dungeon Cards Page 1.pdf

Should have these finished shortly and ready for download to begin new adventures in 2017!

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