Welcome to my Warhammer Quest Tile art page. This will hold an archive of all the released Warhammer Quest Tiles I have produced over the last few years. Everything here is available for download.

Please respect the original artist, Sebastian Stuart and comment where you obtained the files. If you discover these for sale online, contact me. All associated Warhammer Quest artwork details (card backing and facia art incl. typeface are copyright Games Workshop).

Where the following is not my own artwork I will make note of it in the commentary.

Instructions: Click the artwork to download.

My thanks to the Original supporters of my artwork:
Alistair, Brett, Charles, Erik, Sam, Massimo, Nicolas, William, Jason, Ray, David, K Russell, Vincenzo, Jamie, Nicole, Gregg, Andrew, Nathan, Brian, Alberto and Jonathan.

Single Rooms Collection

This series contains the Molten Deeps, Spider Lair, Sunken Room and Frozen Room tiles to add further unique encounters to your randomised games of Warhammer Quest.

The Lost Altar

Your heroes spy a light and on inspecting discover a lost altar; replacing the icon induces a unexpected event card/roll. Should you survive, you gain +1 Luck for the duration of the dungeon.

Additional notes:

  • The rocky cave in can be walked over, usual grid.
  • The Dungeonmaster in RP games may choose to have the light source as an exit or remain a crack in the dungeon roof that allows light from far above..
  • This can be made into a Dwarvern side quest, granting benefits to Dwarf players within the party (DM preferences)

The Moldy Room

A room slick with mold, foetid air choking every breath. Dare you pass through this rotting hall?

The Eerie Chasm

The mists coil about your feet and fill the chasm ahead, be sure your chances to cross..


The Minion Throne + Objective Room Version

Two tiles in one. This series has a Dungeon Room which holds an upstart Dungeon King who has taken over a section of the Dungeon in his rise to power. It can be treated as a secondary objective or amusing interlude on the way to the real lord of the lair, using the Objective Room version. Cards are provided printable back art also.

warhammer quest throne

Amazonian Adventure with Cards

Set in the Jungle deeps, the Amazonian adventure set contains severals rooms, corridors and open air encounters for your heroes. It also comes with it’s own set of dungeon cards.

The Castle Cellar Caper set (Part of my Knight’s Tale campaign)

Originally part of my Knight’s Tale campaign, one of the first adventures my young knight gets embroiled in with his Siblings. The tiles, artwork and even rules cards for the young heroes is included.


The Shadow Keep (Detailed and open plan)

A dark and foreboding keep for hidden stores or a dungeon cellar.

Wilderness Encounter (Ambush on the trail)

This set came about as an idea for fighting the ambush and encounter scenarios discovered in the RPG tables when travelling the Warhammer Old World. This will be expanded upon over time.