Warhammer Quest, The Conjuror’s Den

“Noxious smoke lingers in a unkept temple space, long repurposed by malcontents and their foul magicks..”

Warhammer Quest, Conjuror’s Den would suit both Necromancers and Goblin Shamans. With inserted stores and ‘Shrooms all over the tile. It can be treated as a secondary objective or amusing interlude on the way to the real lord of the lair, or the quest itself! Room Card provided also. The artwork has been lain out on A3 format paper (international sizing). Please test print and adjust for darkness if need be.

I wanted something that could be useful for Goblins and other skulking races not too caught up on interior decor of their faction. This piece serving quite well as a Raiders’ hide too come to think of it with all the supplies.

Notes: DnD Objects resource (chest, crates, red mushrooms) Roll20 Dungeon Maker cauldron. All other art wholly my own composition.

Enjoy and if you use it, send in photos! 😀



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