Warhammer Quest Surprises Again

For a game over 20yrs old yet another discovery.

I recently acquired this model:

Whilst browsing for ideas, I noted most folks were doing the classic Templar routine over and over. So I decided to look back at Warhammer Quest for inspiration… then I noticed the Roleplay cover:

That’s the same dude! What the? How did I miss this?

The model has plate and misses a strap, but it turns out, I have most of the parts required (shield, scabbard). I now patiently await his arrival to begin modifying the model to suit!

Naturally I look about and spied the Dwarf.

After some initial forays into horn helmed beardies:

Yeah, horns yes, but rest.. no, and…no.

So I looked back at the classic WHQuest Dwarf in frustration.

Turns out, he’s right in every respect except shield and horns.

Solved that issue. Shield, check. Mail armor, check. Horns… check!

Right, after some greenstuff work to tidy up – that’s two out of three cover heroes, as simple as the old plastics are. The Barbarian..hmm, not so easy. Either way, it’s fun to have something more akin to the artwork.

Warhammer Quest, still delivering hobby inspiration two decades on. 😀

Thanks for reading my sequence of hobby deduction!


– Sebastian.


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