Warhammer Quest Surprises Part 2

Awhile ago I pointed out a sudden realisation when looking at Warhammer Quest book cover art in the post http://www.eastern-empire.com/warhammer-quest-surprises/

Well, scored more parts and here is an update!

The Barbarian is an interpretation as I haven’t found legs to match (except leather lapels) and the best Torso piece has the pauldron on the opposite side. Shall keep scouring – also belt buckle is from the Heroquest Gargoyle’s belt. Kinda like that; he’s killed that and now into other adventures beyond Heroquest.

Updates as this trio get more details (but retain their 90’s vibe)

The Dwarf and Paladin are done and match their respective artwork.

Naturally some greenstuff work to go, and I may alter the Barbarian some more with new parts I’ve ordered, but the second Warhammer Quest set of heroes is not far off from reality now! 🙂



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