Warhammer Quest, Silver Tower Revealed

So.. there it is; mighty impressive.

Being that the Silver Tower is a labyrinth of magical rooms. I particularly like the subtle nod to Del Toro’s Labyrinth with the face design of the Sorceror and the shout out to the Moonface familiar of yore.

I am beyond happy to see Warhammer Quest again, and oddily the bad guys rule in this set for me it has to be said. Again the Age of Sigmar stylings for the heroes just don’t work for me. I can admire the sculpting, but they do not look far removed from the battle line troops of their respective factions (except for the Aelfs whom we have neve seen) – the original Quest heroes had a distinctly heroic nature about them in their flambouyance.

Also, noted the tiles use grids over artwork, rather than “tiled” dungeons, providing a visual cue rather than overt lines. Beautiful even in grainy web photo, I just feel let down; as I know what it takes to create dungeon tiles – seeing someone paid to do it only utilise overlaid grids is disappointing – some cleverness inorporating floor tiles and tzeentchian design would have been very cool. Let’s not discuss lack of Archways; which even after 20yrs have left unmarred my tile set.

Overall? Really happy to see it, going to raid it for all the bad guys and the Gryphound(For secret converting reasons..muhahaha). Unlikely to use the rest out of pure preference. Should take the sting out of the price tag onselling the models to new gamers of AoS: Warhammer Quest.

I think my hopefulness was based on Space Hulk remakes, Mordheim PC game, Warhammer Quest Tablet title, Lost Patrol, Blood Bowl revival.. there seemed the potential to release Quest in a retro format.

But I can see why they have done so, and done so beautifully, to bring Quest to Age of Sigmar players and new gamers.

My only thought is, when Warhammer Quest came out; it already had over a decade of background to draw upon and flesh out quests, locations and background for heroes. Age of Sigmar is still new and freshly confusing – that richness instilled Warhammer Quest with heritage (Heroquest, Advanced Quest, Warhammer RPG), where as Silver Tower may be limited for a time due to the lack of it.

It’s Warhammer Quest, but not as I know it. For those new too it; Enjoy!


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