Warhammer Quest, Printed Tiles

A direct supporter of my work, Andrew, recently sent me his collection of Warhammer Quest tiles and boy do they look good!

Here is the one of the newer tiles, vibrant and deeply shaded:

Next a classic from a couple years back, the Frozen Room tile:

Lastly, a classic – the Amazonian Jungle Objective room, you can see even more in the background. Top stuff!

Andrew used his local professional printer on my advice, however, he chose to go with print work onto Foamex and duplex cards.

He’s very happy and I’m very impressed; the colours came across very rich for this new medium I had not though to print onto.

Andrew will be gaming in a couple of weeks with his group, and by then we will be jointly putting together a how to guide so you too can have nice foamex tiles too!

Cheers Andrew!


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