Warhammer Quest, Making your Tiles

This has been a super long time coming and I thank everyone for their patience 🙂

Whilst it is fun seeing new tile art for Warhammer Quest, and any other boardgame based table top game – printing and mounting the art is the least enjoyable part. The following demonstrates my technique and choices for mounting print-outs onto card for gameplay.

Firstly, find a decent thickness of cardstock. I discovered that presentation board (black cardstock available at most Art Supply stores) is nearly the same thickness as the original tiles for Warhammer Quest. I could fiddle around for ages, but this really is, the simplest go-to material.


I then print out the tile art onto photo semi-gloss paper or in a pinch, high quality laser inkjet paper. Once I cut out the tile using a steel rule, sharp art blade and cutting mat (several careful cuts rather than a heavy single stroke works best), I mount the art onto a corner after fully pasting the reverse with a glue stick.


Next place a plastic film (or even shopping bag) overtop – then pile the heaviest books at your disposal atop that, overnight. (You can do this to a stack of tiles too)

Next day, cut to the edge of the art (like the above print-out trimming) and presto – new game tile.

So quick recap:
– Print onto semi-gloss photo stock (or professional service option)
– Apply to presentation board (Art Supply store)
– Set over the day or night, trim excess carefully with art blade and steel ruler. (a few shallow cuts over one hard cut)

On my PDFs I include size of paper (A4 or A3) for 100% printing scale. I strongly recommend a quick draft print to check colour and lightness – these can be corrected by the printer or print program.

Hope this helps!
Sebastian 🙂


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