Warhammer Quest, Lost Altar

UPDATED: Now includes an iconless floorplan and icon token.

In the first of the next wave of dungeon rooms for Classic Warhammer Quest (weird to have to put it that way) is the new Lost Altar dungeon room.

Your heroes spy a light and on inspecting discover a lost altar; replacing the icon induces a unexpected event card/roll. Should you suceed, you gain +1 Luck for the duration of the dungeon.

Additional notes:

  • The rocky cave in can be walked over, usual grid.
  • The Dungeonmaster in RP games may choose to have the light source as an exit or remain a crack in the dungeon roof that allows light from far above..
  • This can be made into a Dwarvern side quest, granting benefits to Dwarf players within the party (DM preferences)

Enjoy and don’t forget to send in photos of you using the new tiles!

– Sebastian.


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