Warhammer Quest, Goblin stikka’s under paint

The Tin ’eads are progressing; block colours and first washes rocketing them toward completion.

Athonian Camoshade is the inkwash I needed to know about all year. It is literally the shade I need for the base green of my grots, Straken Green. Now skin work is base colour, wash and highlights. Boom!

Then it’s the multitude of colours for a nonuniform army haha. My grot skin recipe. It provides you with a muted green, rich but not comically bright.

Straken Green base, 2xAthonian Camoshade, Straken Green highlights and then Vallejo 104 Model Colour spot highlights. Super quick and allows you to do characters with mixed shades of the paints.

Had a good run on painting last week and blitzed through the Tin’Eads, the archers for my dedicated goblin horde. Fun mix of basic colours and earth tones for their ramshackle gear. Overhead the small band of stikkas’ are sporting their rusted and unkept helmets – potentially stopping fatal shots to the back of their head by fellow grots.

I’ve included a photo of the paints and wash I have been using for my skin tones, the Athonian Camoshade adding in a nice hint of rich green to enhance the Straken Green’s dour tone. Its a nice mid ground between muted and overally bright 🙂

WIP Grot prowla’s also on show – the two bow wielding night raiders notorious around Axe Bite Pass (Old World). Wrapped in leathers and dark bindings, they stalk the passes and slip into fortified inns, mugging guests and oft times killing guards. These two are halfway finished, their various stolen gear from Empire, Goblin, and even Skaven sources.

Short of grass tufts ( still deciding army wide what to go with) they’re done! (Okay, a banna’ yet to do). And by done, I mean occasionally detailing or tweaking something I come to feel is unfinished. For like years on. Perfectionism


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