Warhammer Goblins Multiply

Tagg and Lil’finga. One of the more competent gobbo raiders alongside the most mischievous snotling in the camp. A runt so named after stealing his first shiv and losing his finger for it.

Constantly ‘losing’ his stolen knives deep in the backs of other snotlings, whom he spies vying for his joker role in the camp (a sure fire way for food scraps and teef, but normally involves dodging said items thrown at him).

Tagg is an oddity, a strangely methodical fighter for a Goblin. He keeps a well balanced halberd, stout shield and light armor keep him agile on the attack, and the all important retreat.

Warboss Tobnam has already got eyes on him as a potential challenger – sending Tagg’s warband into the first assaults, but keeps seeing Tagg walk back into camp. Will they ever face off? Who knows, perhaps one day when Gork and Mork are bored, their fates will happen to cross.

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