Warhammer Goblin Raiders Again

Migsy and ‘Gurk. The latter, taller Goblin a recent recruit from the far eastern steppe tribes; literally wandered out of the morning sun looking for new places to loot. Heavily armoured in scales and hide with an extra long pole arm he’s remarkably formidable for a gobbo. Folk usually know where Skaggs’ crew is just but seeing Gurk’s topknot.

Migsy, well.. he’s changed a lot recently, which is saying something considering gobbos tend to be fairly one dimensional in their ways. Lootin, conniving, skulking and thieving, pretty much profiles any grot.

Ever since he scrounged up that half of a red shield with the bronze four pointed arrow markings (probably eight if he had the upper half too, who knows?) and a matching broken sword with similar disturbin’ scratchings. Things, changed. Migsy changed.

Ol’ead popper shaman type ‘Fizza gets all quibbly and foams at the mouth whenever Migsy growls by, something that’s kinda funny and folk try to engineer Migsy to pass near Fizza for comedy gold at least once a day.

Thing is, and let’s be honest; Migsy is a little unhinged and constantly starting fights, butchering snotlings, badgering Orcs (who have come to actually take him seriously now) and in battle? He’s well, a little angry. Okay, like Squig poked in the ass angry.

Folks might tire of him soon enough, but between Fizza’s fits and Migsy cutting up miscreant snotlings to watch, the camp is likely to put up with his homicidal change of ways.


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