Warhammer Fantasy vs Age of Sigmar basing

For the first time, we can compare identical models. Recently Games Workshop re-released the Island of Blood boxed set:


as the Spire of Dawn starter set.

60010299009_spireofdawneng01It is great to see this collection of models back in the wild, it is a superb selection of sculpts for a good price and has some of my favourite models for both factions.

However, for once, we can directly compare identical contents in serried ranks or mobs of round bases.

.. I have to say, ranked up units look way more intimidating.

Now of course I know we can keep using square bases and this is a silly debate, my angle here is we can see how as a whole; sometimes skirmish basing just doesn’t work.

As I continue to paint up my Goblin horde which has largely side tracked my Knight Campaign (which is eeriely similar to how my Tau overode my Scythes of the Emperor collection) , this expanded goblin force shall lead to some Epic fights. It has caused me pause when thinking of square over round again.

Yet bizarrely, Lord of the Rings SBG looks perfectly fine on round bases! What is that quantity in the aesthetic which changes between Warhammer and Lord of the Rings?

Lord of the Rings

Gondor Force..well, okay, mostly round bases.

Either way, we all have our preferences and I thought best to alert everyone to the new boxed set.

Also in other news, Warseer is back! 🙂


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