Trolls and Goblins gather..

The green horde is forming, much like how my Tau collection eclipsed that of my Scythes of the Emperor Space Marines; so to the Goblins I have collected over time.

Further to the cunning unaligned goblins I have finished a pikeman, Forest Goblin conversions using 40k Grot legs (to be puttied and finished with bone necklaces), then lastly a modifed Skull Pass Troll – whom I quite by chance realised his arms were near perfect matches in size to Ork Nob arms.. quick cuts and glue later.. wholly new model.

The latest..

A bit of blending work with greenstuff throughout this collection and some fine details should see a nice addition to the forces of mischief.

More and more, I think our young Knight Errant, Jean, has quite a trial ahead of him.



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