The Unaligned Goblins of Axe Pass

80% done, details and rust SFX to go.

The Unaligned Goblins; brawlers, looters, pikers, pillagers, every one of them. Arsonists on a whim, defilers if bored, attackers when victory higher than probable, well, a bit north of almost certain. Okay, Fine! totally, a done deal. Preferably scavenging dead bodies. Ahem… These are roaming raiders of no clan, cave or cause. Thoroughly despicable rampaging rascals. They’re the Goblins you read about, through and true.

Goblin Prowlers are a constant threat to travelers of Axe Bite Pass beyond the relative safety of fortified Inns along the route. They move in small groups, perform sneak attacks and surprisingly, for Goblins, are selective in their looting. Content to shiv another victim tomorrow night, and avoid being stomped by Castle Montfort cavalry whilst weighed down and unable to get away..


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