The Loot Table

So that escalated quickly.

Since I mentioned my earnest desire to obtain all that I could of Warhammer Fantasy Old world I have acquired the following, I feel like some Valley Girl Youtube Shopping ‘Haul’ video:

Tomb Kings

20 Tomb Guardians
1 Liche1 Tomb King Champion
1 Stalker
Components for 4/4/4 Warrior, Spearman, Bowman Heroquest Tomb King skeletons (The bigger variation skeletons that do not have the slender Vampire/Tomb Guardian aesthetic)

Goblin Hordes:

Cornicopia of parts for unaligned gobbos and gits
3 Goblin Bosses
2 Shamans
1 Wolf Rider Boss
6 Warg Rider legs (for better rider conversions)
4 Trolls
8 Ork Nob arm pairs for Troll Conversions
2 Classic Ogres
1 Giant
6 Wolves

Vampire Undead
Liche, Grave Cart Driver
Vampire Grave Guard
Ghouls (Well, actually The Hobbit Goblins, but they make great ghouls)

Mordheim Beastmen Warband, aka.. Raiders

And it continues..
I’ve got at least another $200USD of goodies on my watch list presently.. yeah, 2016 is the year of The Buying Times (inverse of the End Times). Curiously, none of it via Games Workshop – simply too expensive.

I am convincing my wallet with the argument this is for the good of humanity and I am archiving a great body of creative works.

Suffice to say, your patience will be rewarded with an insane adventure series.


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