Tau Shea’Shi Auxiliary

Another well known conversion from 2005, has been the Shea’Shi – a leonine race from a world invaded by Orks, later liberated by the Tau.

Previously a sophisticated society that governed from Lodges leading city states about a relatively arid world. At one point in time they had advanced technology that could be related to plasma weapons and exotic armor. Now long since lost, with only a few relics left, the remnants bestowed upon worthy warriors.

Resplendant and resilient armor plates with exotic ‘Sun-caster’ weapons, can be found among scimitars, heavy crossbows and talon.

shea_laWhen we meet the Shea’Shi, they have long joined the tau, been gifted carapace armor, pulse weapons and even found place among the frontier world cadres. However their Lodge loyalties and fierce nature hold them back from full intergration.

The original design uses the Gor head peices, with some clefting on the upper lip, and a redoing of the cranial section; upon which braids or Rasta style hair is modelled.

The torso is unremarkable except for two cooling vanes and a tail, which is from the Beastman pony tail. Lower legs are beastman also, with some small sculpting work for paws. Overall, the easiest of my auxiliary to model.


At a later time I cast the head for easier modelling, and began a series of advanced armor versions using their Suncaster weapon.   shea_armor


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