Tau Auxiliary, Gue’Vesa

In 2003 I wanted to model a unit of Gue’Vesa after rules appeared for the human inductees within the Tau forces.

Most folks were content to model up modern versions of Cadian plastics, however I wished to develop an integrated look and them for the force.

tau_auxMy first dabbling with the conversions are chuckle worthy, but you see where I began and what evolved into a fully fledged theme.

tau_aux_las2You will also find full rules (Tau 1st Edition) for these forces here.


The signature helm was a blending of the Firewarrior and Cadian helments directly along the mould line. Made a perfect fit with minimal sculpting to cover it up.

Later I even produced a female tech specialist figure with databoard with suitable Cyberpunk Blue hair style.techgirl1  techgirl2


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