Raehaniv Regulars Grow

Mmhmm, coming along nicely. Bit of retro modelling efforts as I resurrect old figures from shocking eBay paint jobs. Shout out to my first ever army, the mighty Raehaniv Regulars – now with extra retro.

Getting the veteran sergeants kitted out; sometimes a laspistol doesnโ€™t quite pack the oomph this far out on the Eastern Fringe.

Catering to 2nd Ed. tastes, classic bolt pistol and Necromunda shotgun. Head swap for one using the Last Chancers hero figure. The original body is going toward my Regiment Colour Sergeant. Off for a week on business, hopefully some new goodies arrive during my absence from the studio!

And so the allies begin for my Raehaniv Regulars. Classic Squats and near double my original collection.


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