Forest Goblins by Shieldwolf Miniatures

Well this was a great surprise! 😀

Yesterday I had one of the Shieldwolf team swing by and admire the Forest Goblin archers. Checked out the suggested link and Oh My! Huzzah!
As folks have seen on the now defunct Warseer project thread over time and my returning posts on Eastern Empire after the DoS attack, I’ve been busily making these guys (Forest Goblins) since starting again in January;

Trolls and Goblins Gather

More Forest Goblins

But compared to the standard goblins I’ve been building, Forest Goblins are a pain to construct.
Photo 13-08-16, 11 12 01 AM Photo 13-08-16, 11 14 20 AM

Three Specific 40k Grot legs suit
Carve away torsos on Spider Riders and Grot.
Stick, carve and refit torsos.
Greenstuff on belts, cloth, fur, bellies etc where needed.

warhammer-goblin-spiders Photo-19-03-16,-12-37-30-PM

Goes without saying, sourcing specific parts from Grots and then Spider Riders (I now have 40 Spiders) becomes a chore. To give you perspective, I ordered and modelled everything unpainted in this photo in less time then it takes make 15 Forest Goblins on foot:


This future set by Shieldwolf Miniatures is a god send. Thanks guys! Bring on September!

– Sebastian.

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