Eastern Empire called out on Warhammer TV

Well, was I in for a surprise watching Warhammer TV last thursday. (New Tau Lore, Codex)

Duncan and Peachy were discussing a question on Gue’vesa for Tau, from a viewer at the time. (39m mark)

I was working on some hobby stuff for my tau (to be revealed soon) listening as they described various versions they had seen online in blogs using the classic Ochre scheme of Tau. I was one of the earlier folks to convert gue’vesa, and the only to make Hybrid Tau/Imperial helms – so I looked up to listen in.

Then Duncan goes further, talking avidly about “one guy on his blog..” working with fantasy models converting up more auxilaries. My ears pricked up.

He then comments on the what we now call ‘Seraphon’, in modified armor with pulse weapons and he thought they were pretty cool examples; Duncan was talking my Naga’la Auxiliary! What the!? (link)

warhammer tau

So cheers Duncan, a nice surprise – glad a hardliner Imperial player enjoyed my efforts. Made a long time hobbyist smile 🙂

My reaction would have been priceless as the penny dropped and so did my jaw haha.

Also, check out Maxxev (link), another great modeller who later on did some fantasy based conversions for his Necromunda forces.



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