Warhammer Troll Country

Following on from my previous work on a modified Battle for Skull Pass Troll, I’ve been receiving the first wave of bits to start modding more.

Warhammer Troll 2b

This fine fellow uses Ork Nob double handed chain axe arms. I’ll trim down nails to the more stubby troll standard, clean off some spikes for rusty salvaged metal plates look and then do some green stuff work to blend it all together.

For future versions, I’ll be carving away accssories and sculpting/gluing other accessories to create even less uniformity.

Waiting on Ogre weapons to arrive, I chose the wired wrapped rock slab clubs, seemed a more Troll thing to craft.

Warhammer Troll 2a

Overall, the idea is coming along nicely. I actually might take away the twin hammers for a single club with my original idea though.


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