Warhammer Spider Riders

In project update, a small horde of Spider Riders arrived (28). Many destined to dismount and wage war afoot. This signals the end of the buying spree for Goblin hordes, short of a couple war machines.

warhammer-goblin-spidersDuring all this, I have been collecting the metal Goblin bosses, I have one more to acquire; A boss with club and sword. He’s on eBay for 30USD presently, which is a bit high. Shall be patient on this one.

warhammer-goblin-bossMost of these are from eBay, two in particular being the shamen. I’ve named them Tobnam and Ampz after the ebay seller I obtained them from, so as to continue their legends. I like the idea of carrying on a story from a fellow collector.

Modelling updates soon!


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