Warhammer, Shifty tips on Rusty Spears for Moonclan Grots

So I’ve just finished the Night Goblins for my grot horde; only thing left is the unifying touches to the bases. The last details for this regiment being their well kept spears of course. I mean, look at that sheen!..

Rusty you say? Well of course no self respecting goblin would actually maintain the choppy bits, because they’ll keep them covered in the entrails of their foes! Or when everyone mobs some unfortunate git in the camp.

Any-whoo, my recipe is fairly simple for Rusted surfaces from blades to armor;

Boltgun basecoat
Rhinox Hide Brown or Vallejo Charred Brown stippling
Skrag Brown stipples (less, targeted)
Jokaero Orange (light stipple, focus about crevices and scatter across surfaces)
Mithril Silver edges and scratches. (Focus on places likely often scratched)

Best advice, look at rusted items in real life. The emulate in a graphical manner across your models. The colours chosen are quick step hues to get an iconic effect.

My example shows quick block painted regiments worth; I spend more time on heroes and may add in some inks and other effects.

Hope this helps for those interested 🙂

– Sebastian.


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