Warhammer Quest, Unaligned Goblins grow

Apparently the legend of Chief Arsonist Skaggs has grown and many more join his warband.

The following unaligned goblins I have been putting together recently. Particularly some more characterful pieces from ‘Drumstick’ weilding musicians to a more alternate Shaman/Musician and a few others inbetween.

Following on from the above, we have two latest characters:

Boggs, a haggard git who’s seen an astounding two seasons of raiding. Rumor around the camp it’s the big horns which contain his luck. He doesn’t say much about it and really should join the sour faced Axe Bite mob, with their grim faces and shields. They would mention it, but most want to keep him around. In case he finally gets killed and they can all get dibs on his horny helm.

Potz however is a popular grot. Never did establish himself as a Shaman, but he’s always making fungus energy brews – y’know to boost morale and give the lads some fizz. Otherwise he’s blaring his giant broken horn to keep the mob tight n’fighty. There was that one time his fabled Iron Bru’ turned a mob to metal; whilst you would think this would make everyone wary, they’re actually keeping a close eye should one of his draughts make a fabled golden git. Which they would melt down naturally. It’s how the victim would have wanted it to go.

More views of Potz:

As ever, thanks for reading!
-Sebastian. 🙂


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