Shadow War Auxiliaries

I’ve been quite elated to see Warhammer 40K Second Edition make something of a comeback via Shadow War : Armageddon. The Necromunda Lite version is entertaining and I have enjoyed seeing a whole new generation of gamers experience what made skirmish gaming engaging and memorable or these years later for me.

So in this light, I’ve begun making some Pathfinders and a couple of Auxiliary to go with them for some flavour:

Naga’la Lixō, an accomplished auxiliary scout seconded to the counter insurgency team. Wearing a mix of Tau and Naga wargear, she is a valued member and sly fighter.

I’ll be adding some Greenstuff finishings about the shoulders and tail.

Muste’la Snax is another example of integrated auxiliary success.

His diminutive size allows certain infiltration advantages, including the fact, everything provides him cover. He uses a Pulse Blaster, modded for range, however his rather ‘exuberant’ appreciation of accuracy reduces the effectiveness. Regardless, field skills and supply traits, such as ‘acquiring’ unlimited ration wafers for the team, more than makes up for abnormal gunplay.


So yes, I did indeed go there – Rocket Raccoon, but I’m more a mind for Firewarror Ferret πŸ˜‰


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