New Goblins for Warhammer Quest

Recently acquired new scenery and a surprise Goblin ‘helper’ model from

The sculpt is almost as if I commissioned a Goblin for my collection. Only critique would be his feet are a touch too big – I may put him in boots from my plastic parts.

Regardless, no air bubbles, reasonable amount of flash to clear – overall; super chuffed with this new addition to my non-combatant gobbos.

Honestly, if WWScenics  did a sprue of Goblin heads; I’d be all over that like squigs on a snotling. WWG Goblin Apprentice is a recent discovery on wwscenic’s eBay store.

Brilliant lil’grot well painted here by the wwwscenic team.

Reasonable price resin figure too.

– Seb.

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