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Wherein I tell you my best suppliers for parts.

I have long thought Games Workshop made a massive mistake carving out it’s bits service. Even so much as just providing key sprues on demand. The amount of warhammer bits or ‘Bitz’ sites and eBay stores online is very impressive.

Over a decade on eBay, I’ve come to use several of these regularly and a couple of webstore based sites also. Today, I give links to my personal favourite suppliers, who have never let me down and regularly supply bits to my projects with exceptionally fast postage and kind service.


Inhuman Bitz Box(FR)

Le Garage A Bitz(FR)
FigFlog (Single figures and rare parts) (UK)
Bits-World (US)
Figurines2Collection (FR)

I’ve found that the European bits suppliers tend to have reasonable prices and postage, whilst with Americas new postal prices, unless you’re buying a small mole hill of parts, it is not worth it. Unless you’re local obviously. One eBay store is Bits-World, who maintain postage that is high by comparison to the EU, yet more sensible than most US based stores.

A couple I’ve begun to use a lot online, are the webstores MegaBitzShop from Germany and Bits’N Kits out of the UK.

I hope you all find something useful at any one or all of these stores.

Big thanks goes out to FigFlog and Le Gab’ for great service and good humour in message back and forth.

Thanks for reading,

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