Over a decade of Inspiration

Featuring a Gallery of models I had archived away.

The following images are selected from model photos I collected over many years online; spying early work of notable modellers through to amusing conversions. These models are a few of the stand outs, among many, I have in my labyrinthian hobby folders. A series of categorised and codified digital files, stored for what I liked about them.

This is no small gallery of largely Imperials and other Xenos – I will compile a Tau version shortly.

Enjoy the browse; it will be entertaining to see which models inspired all of us!

There is work by Barpharanges, Chris Borer, Chris Cook, Clueseau, David Hassur, Doghouse, Manu, Jeremie Bonamant, Migsula, ‘Mastiff’, Hot Lead Painting, Joe Hill, Pega, JRN & Mike Lang to name but a few. Covering years of creativity since 1997-2016. No particular chronological order.

With great help by Mario I can now add some credited names and websites!

“..Thomas David, Bruno Grelier (RIP), Thomas Barse (love his colours). There’s also Brother Sinaer (http://www.fullrepent.fr/), Allan Carrasco (https://www.allancarrasco.net/), and, of course, Cyril Abati (http://neomodel.free.fr/index02.html)..”

In a roundabout way, it’s kinda obvious I took a lot of inspiration from French painters and modellers over time. – Seb.


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